New Members

Bayside Divas is always looking for interested singers to join our wonderful group.

Each year, prior to voice placement, the Divas conduct a special evening program for potential new members. This evening is an opportunity to meet current members and the musical director, and to gain an insight into repertoire and the rehearsal process.

Voice Placement

All new prospective Divas will undertake a voice placement session with our musical director. This placement is conducted in a friendly and supportive manner to enable the Musical Director to determine the best section for the new Diva in the choir.

Singers invited to join the Divas will be provided with a copy of the Bayside Divas Information Sheet.

Application form

Prospective Divas are encouraged to download an application form and bring it with them to the new member evening.

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Bayside Divas rehearse weekly during State school terms on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Sandgate and District Senior Citizens Centre, 20 Seymour Street, Sandgate 4017, Brisbane.

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Membership Fees

The membership fee for Bayside Divas is $110 per term, with a discount of $10 if paid by the first week of term. Fees may be paid by direct deposit/EFT (preferred) or cash/cheque.

Membership fees cover the costs associated with purchase of sheet music, professional fees for the musical director and rehearsal CDs that are designed to assist members with learning new repertoire.

Music Folder Levy

A one-off music folder levy of $40 is payable on joining the choir, prior to the issue of the folder and music. The levy is refundable in full on resignation from the choir (not if only taking leave); provided that all sheet music has been returned in good condition.

Performance Uniforms

All Divas are required to supply their own basic performance uniform that includes:

  • Plain black trousers

  • Closed-in black shoes

  • Plain black three-quarter sleeve t-shirt (to be purchased directly from Bayside Divas).

There may be a requirement for Divas to purchase additional costumes as required.

The Divas also have a collection of additional items that are loaned to members for use in performances.


Members of the choir may take leave from time to time on a term by term basis. Divas taking leave are requested to contact the Coordinator at the beginning of each term and to advise whether or not the leave is to be extended for an additional term.

If a Diva has been away for a substantial amount of time, they may be asked to undertake a Voice Placement by the Musical Director.


The choir is managed by a five-person executive committee, the members of which are elected, on an annual basis, from within the general membership.